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Please Note: This is for one keychain, with one wing.

Which team are you on;
Gods? Monsters?
Show your support for the project by snagging one of these hand-made resin keychains, in your choice of demon or angel wing!
Resin keychains are super intricate and come in a huge array of colors and finishes, and include things like real gold/silver/bronze leaf, holographic glitters, and more. Because they come in SO many varieties, we cannot offer customs or even list all the custom options. By selecting a style that you would prefer from the style selection, you'll help us narrow down a color combo that suits you more and is less random. If you absolutely hate something (glitter, the color yellow, etc.) you can say so in the custom input field and we will do our best to honor your requests! 

All items are hand-made, and therefore have a turnaround time of about 5-12 days before they are shipped. Resin requires time to cure and completely solidify before pieces can be shipped.
Wings do come in left or right variants and are given at random. There is no guarantee that you will get a right or left wing.

Demon & Angel Wing Resin Keychains

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