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Chapel Rental

**Please note, the chapel is not currently zoned for weddings or other large events, and cannot be rented for such.**
In addition, it is not available for group shoots with more than 3 photographers. We do not rent for public or private parties of any kind.


Rental Prices

$25/hour (2-hour minimum)

$85 Half Day (4 hours)

$150 All Day (8 hours)

Need the chapel for multiple days? Email for inquiries and multiple day discounts!


Your set up and tear down times are included in the hours you rent. You cannot set up early and you must have everything finished and packed up when your time ends. Be sure to rent an extra hour for setting up and tearing down if you think you'll need it.

Want to support the building restoration? 


As of now, the chapel is being closed for renovations due to no heat or water! Rentals will open back up in the spring, or earlier if the repairs are finished! If you still want to rent without heat or water, please inquire below! 

Book Your Rental

Thanks for submitting! Someone will contact you via email asap.


-No pets or minors under the age of 18 unless given prior authorization. 

-No liquids or paints may be used during your session. If you need to body paint a model, please let us know ahead of time so we can have an area set up to do that. This includes liquid foods such as honey or syrup. 

-In order to rent the property and/or gear/accessories, you will be required to sign a waiver taking responsibility to any damage or loss to studio equipment or the property. For broken equipment, you will be required to pay either $300 for our insurance to replace the equipment or the cost of the equipment if that gear is less than $300. Damage to property will be billed at full price and will vary based on the type/amount of damage. Keep in mind that these windows are almost 100 years old and stained glass. You do not want to be responsible for the bill resulting in breaking a window. Anyone caught leaning on or hanging out a window will be asked to leave (without refund) and not allowed back.

-Gaffers tape ONLY. No duct tape or other tapes are permitted. No staples, screws, or nails.

-No smoke bombs, pools, fire, loose glitter, holi powder, or guns. Candles may be permitted with prior authorization.


-No leaning against windows, opening/closing windows, or standing on the ledge of the large stained glass window.

-The graveyard will, unfortunately, be OFF LIMITS during your rental, as it is not our property. We don't care if you shoot there on your own time, but you cannot use the graveyard during your rental period. If you stay within the church grounds and shoot utilizing the graves in the background, that is perfectly acceptable. Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to the graveyard patrons and the deceased's family. No nudity, no gore visible to the road, and no posing or sitting on gravestones.


-Anyone caught acting in a violent, dangerous, or irresponsible way will be asked to leave. 

-No alcoholic drinks are permitted unless given prior authorization.

-No nudity unless given prior authorization. No nudity outside whatsoever.

-No one is permitted in the residential areas of the building at any time. A bathroom in the studio will be available to you, but all of downstairs and both bedrooms upstairs are strictly forbidden. The downstairs has some decay and space to shoot that CAN be utilized, but you must have permission ahead of time to use said space. 

-Please note that the church is currently undergoing renovations and as such may change frequently. 

-Studio rental includes access to wardrobe or costume pieces seen in the Wurmwood Photography studio area. However, some of these pieces are custom-made for clients and as such cannot be used. 


-The chapel area is not heated and is COLD in the winter. Please make plans to bring a heater for your model if you plan to shoot for extended periods. We have recently installed two large air conditioner units and an industrial-sized fan, so hot summers are no longer an issue! 

-This building is old and the electricity is sometimes subpar. Some outlets cannot handle certain amounts of voltage and may flip a breaker. You'll be directed to the best ones to plug into during your rental. 

-Someone will be available and on-site for the entire duration of your rental.

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