Our demon cherub design cast in solid, sturdy resin! 
Resin keychains are much more intricate than the 3d printed counterparts. They come in a huge array of colors and finishes, and include things like real gold/silver/bronze leaf, holographic glitters, and more. Not only are the resin versions more visually stunning, they have a better weight to them and are more heavy-duty than the 3d printed versions. 

All items are hand-made, and therefore have a turnaround time of about 5-12 days before they are shipped. Resin requires time to cure and completely solidify before pieces can be shipped.
Because the resin versions are so intricate and so many different styles and options are being used for these, we unfortunately cannot do custom color/finish options on a mass scale. By choosing a style in the selections here you will help us to choose one for you that is a little less random, and a little more your style! In the custom text field, be sure to let us know your favorite/least favorite colors, if you hate glitter, etc.

If you are purchasing a custom color and style, in the custom text field please describe to the best of your ability how you want yours to look. Do you want something sparkly and iridescent? Something solid colored and opaque? One color resin with another color glitter? Gold leaf? Be descriptive! 

Cherub Keychain - RESIN

PriceFrom $16.00