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The 2022 Gods and Monsters Calendar is the photographic endeavor of Jess Hess / Wurmwood Photography. This comes as a second calendar, with the 2019 Space Babes Calendar having been a huge success. Wurmwood hopes to continue the fun for a new year and a new theme, and to go even bigger and bolder than the last time!

Upon its completion, the 2022 Gods and Monsters Calendar will be a cumulative work of dozens of artists, set designers, prop makers, makeup artists, costume designers, and more. Featuring 12 months of amazing photographic art, the calendar will be tediously planned and created to bring a unique and specific concept to mind for each of the months. Each idea is meticulously planned and prepped, and then our team gets to work making the ideas come to life!

The theme “Gods and Monsters” refers to the powerful beings of lore, legend, and mystery. Anomalies of pure light or total darkness. The things of old magic, tall tales, and the deepest recesses of our imagination. The beings represented in this calendar will be an amalgamation of ideas from all over the world, and perhaps some new. Inspiration will be taken from mythological gods, demons, creatures, deities, folklore, and spirits of the Earth.  

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